2017 Lineup
Community Smokes
One Drop: A Bob Marley Tribute
Lucid Empire
Ras Spectiv
Dave Noonan's Green Island
Bob Marley Ensemble
Roger Steffens

(More info coming soon!)

We will soon have a full list of performers for the 2017 Festival so check back real soon!

  • Loose Caboose

    Since the 1970's Loose Caboose has been playing all over the country bringing the sound of Kingston, Jamaica to the clubs of America. Co-found of…

  • Berklee Bob Marley Ensemble

    Matt Jenson, assistant professor of piano, created the class The Music and Life of Bob Marley, and has been teachinig the course since 2002. The…

  • Roger Steffens

    Roger Steffens is a Brooklyn, New York-born American actor, author, lecturer, editor, reggae archivist, photographer and, producer. He may be best known for his reggae…