DJ Vibe Wise

DJ Vibe Wise (a.k.a. Bobby Falco-Killoran) traces the origin of his career to an affiliation with The Alchemystics dating to 2007. When he served as an apprentice recording engineer during a few of the band rehearsals. That relationship grew to include work with The Alchemystics as a stage technician.

A similar collaborative bond developed between Bobby and The Equalites in 2011, culminating with his work as an assistant recording engineer along side Billy Shaw (former owner of Soundesign Recording studio in Brattleboro) during the 2015 sessions in Putney, VT. That resulted in The Equalites most recent studio CD, “Rethink Positive.”

As a performer DJ Vibe Wise has appear as a supporting act with Fear Nuttin' Band at Maximum Capacity in Chicopee, and Gateway City Arts in Holyoke; with Danny Pease & The Regulators as well as Rhythm Inc. at venues like Bishop's Lounge and the Hinge in Northampton, also with Addis Revolution at Shenigans Pub in Westfield.

On the festival scene Vibe Wise has worked the turn tables for the last two summers at Charlemont Reggae Fest in Charlemont, MA and has traveled as far afield as New Berlin New York to perform at New York Harvest Festival.

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